Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Back to the drawing board

First of all i would like to say a big congratulations to all those athletes that competed at the European Championships. I was there for the first few days, although i wish i'd been able to stay longer, and the performances of the athletes that i saw was 1st class. I was able to watch the 10,000m final and Mo's finish along with Chris Thompson's gutsy finish was inspirational. The performance on the whole bodes well for future championships and here's to the big 2012.

As for me, well, last time i was cutting back and trying to deal with the fatigue that was hindering my races. I raced the England championships at Gateshead and in all honestly i shouldn't have. I felt flat as soon as i started the warm up, the race wasn't much better as i started struggling after 1k. After the race i spoke to fellow Sale Harriers and friend Stuart Stokes and he gave me some advice and kindly offered to sit down and go through things. I decided to call a close to my season i was just digging myself into a deeper hole.

Since then i've not run for 2 weeks, done a lot of sleeping and had many conversations. I'm just getting back into things, doing one steady run a day and will build up towards the end of August.

Sorry it's short and sweet but not much to talk about in the last few months.