Thursday, 24 February 2011

Where do i start..

It has been far too long since my last post, my running has been blighted mainly by illness but things are back to normal and i have been able to get back to some form of fitness.

The end of 2010,running wise, was something to forget, my last post was way back in August i had just returned from the European Championships (watching not racing) and was looking to get my running back on track. I had began building up from what felt like nothing at the end on August and gradually was upping the milage each week. Then in September i came down with a virus, raced in the Northern 6 stage and was then out for around month with the virus, cold and just to finish it off a week and a bits worth of stomach upset. Well done me not listening again.

When i finally got back to some sort of health it was a case of starting all over again. The first few weeks was just running, getting something in the legs and gradually upping the milage to a 'reasonable' level. The sessions started in November, back at the car park at sports city. The first few sessions were slightly demoralising, i was way off the pace and i felt i was going full out, it was expected but still a shock. I systematically increased my milage and sessions through December as well as adding in my weights session once a week.

My first race wasn't until the new year, a Greater Manchester league in Woodbank park, Stockport. It ended up being a reasonable result however the week later in the Cheshires' was a different story, a muddy 5 lap course already cut up by the age groups and women showed up my lack of strength and i struggled finishing 8th. John and I decided from then on i would only race every 2 weeks until the strength came back. The following weeks included 70+ mile weeks and some good sessions, things were looking up.

The Northerns in Sunderland were next up and after my 38th place finish last year i was hoping to get close again this year. Disaster struck when i started suffering stomach cramps halfway round the second lap, i considered a Paula but decided against it and suffered through to 50th place.

Two more hard weeks (70+ and 80 mile weeks) followed by an easier week led to the National or as it as better known the Muddy Hell. I arrived with Tom and Graham Lancashire to be greeted by the bog that was the spectators area, the course was ok... until people started running on it and it cut up like a cows field. There are horses for courses and i am not a muddy horse. 120th, way off what i expected but i'll let this one slide.

Next will be the Inter-counties in Birmingham this weekend, hopefully dry and firm!

Hopefully a few more posts in the coming months rather than a bi-annual update!